Ecosia is a search engine similar to Google. They focus on reforestation by using their ad revenue to fund tree-planting initiatives. Ecosia has planted over 182 million trees as of 9.21.2023. Ecosia is known for its transparency and accountability. They regularly publish financial reports and tree-planting updates, allowing users to track their impact. Check out @ecosia on instagram to take a peep what I'm talking about.

When individuals and businesses choose to use Ecosia for their online searches, they actively support Ecosia's mission of combating deforestation. I have made Ecosia my primary search engine for Natural Miami and personal uses. It's a simple yet impactful way to contribute to a greener planet. My only real complaint about the engine is that the image search function isn't as good as Googles, but I could always just use Google for that lol. They have a little cool tree planting tracker to tell you how many trees they've planted via your searches. As of 9.21.2023 I'm at 32, which isn't insane but I've only been using the search engine for a few months, and it's 32 more than nothing. To switch over your search engine to Ecosia follow this link


Treecard is a fintech startup that offers a unique and environmentally conscious credit card. When you use the Treecard for your purchases, the company plants trees as a way to offset your carbon footprint. This innovative approach combines everyday spending with reforestation efforts, allowing cardholders to actively contribute to environmental conservation. Treecard has gained attention for its commitment to sustainability and its mission to combat climate change by reforesting the planet through cardholder transactions. This is the means by which I've donated and planted most of our Trees. The app also allows you to walk and plant trees without engaging in any purchases or donations.

Fun Fact: Treecard actually partners with Ecosia to plant its trees.

Personally I really like the app, and it seems like they're planning on making integration even easier. If you'd like to learn more about how you can get started with Treecard you can click here