My name is Michael Angelo Rasch, and I’m a Colombian Designer. I was born and raised in the heart of Miami, o como mi familia lo conoce, Hialeah ! I grew up in a very hardworking and cultural place, in Miami there's a city of hustlers who work day and night to provide for their family and have fun while doing it.

Natural Miami is a nature/culture inspired brand, our vision is design clothes that look great, feel great, and represent our unique creativity. Our slogan #JBY #JUSTBEYOU #JUSTBEYOURSELF is all about motivating people to love themselves and be confident in who they are.

Natural Miami is far more than just a clothing brand to me, it is my means to make a difference. I have really big dreams, and this is the start of it, whether the whole thing flops or becomes wildly successful, all I know is that it'll push me one step closer to my goals as a person.

We love you guys so much and really appreciate all the support. Mi papa y mama siempre me han dicho that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. That’s where #JBY comes from, cause life is too short to spend it not doing the things you love.

My best advice for anyone whos reading this, is to enjoy being you, embrace the parts of life that make you happy, and spend your time surrounded by people that love you and that you love as well.

Dream Big <3

Natural Miami, EST.2022


-Michael Angelo Rasch

It's always been, and will always be about friends and family to me, gracias por todo <3